CC:Pacific RSG

The RSG for Pacific has a lot more going on than CC:M.

I have to admit that I don’t know CC:P as well as the previous games and I had never actually used the RSG in the Playbook.  There appears to be quite a bit more strategy with the CC:P RSG.

For one, if you select a map with a water edge (C, D, or E), you get to be the Invader if the VP marker is on your opponent’s side after support has been purchased.  If neither side is Invader however, the board may be rotated 90˚ which is something you have to keep in mind as you assign your OB and purchase support.

In the support table, there is a chance that Japan can purchase sighting markers for free (in which case, I don’t see a downside in taking all 8 so I’ve included that option in the app).  As the Allied player, you may not want to give the Japanese the opportunity to even purchase sighting markers for free if the VP marker is on your side.

Even if you’re the defender, if Japan is Banzai, they still get to set up last.

If Japan is Banzai, Attack, or Invade, they get to choose whether the scenario uses Night Rules then finally, just before cards are dealt, the Japanese player can purchase sighting markers for 1 VP each without affecting the players’ posture.

Summary: Using the RSG in CC:P is very different from CC:M.




Not too many changes need to be made for that.  It’s mostly there already with the latest update.  Have to account for Invasion posture and Banzai OOB/posture as well as Sighting markers.  And the owner of the initiating phone has to select CC:E or CC:P.

It’s a good opportunity to get back into CC:P.  Haven’t played that in ages.

Bug in latest release

Well, that was interesting.  There’s a bug in the latest release that doesn’t manifest itself unless you update the app from the app store.  How about that…

I fixed it within an hour and posted the new version.  But getting new versions approved by Apple takes time.

Coming update

I should be submitting an update to the CC RSG app in the coming days.  A few things will be changing:

  1. You will now be able to zoom in on maps to explore more details.
  2. Because of this, the way you select maps will change slightly.
  3. How you select radios will change slightly as well.  This is mostly in recognition of the fact that if you choose to roll for a radio, there’s no turning back.  Now, you just click a button and you may or may not have a radio automatically added.
  4. Some minor things have changed-mostly wording issues in the instructions.  Some allied minor icons have changed.
  5. Bug fixes: Nothing that affected usage, but there was one place where VPs were not being calculated correctly.  It’s likely no one noticed as the final VPs were always correct.  In addition, there was a corner case where fortifications were not transmitted correctly to another device.

Perhaps most importantly are the changes you can’t see: I’ve added some functionality to support CC:Pacific.  I noted that maps in CC:Pacific are not numbers.  Guess how I was coding map IDs…  Also, there’s support for additional postures (Bonzai/Invade) that required some changes.

Submitted to app store

There was a bug introduced in the iOS that messed up the graphics but I finally worked around it.  I’ve submitted it for approval at the app store.

We’ve played it a lot at home and it’s quite a lot of fun.  We always seem to forget to draw Objectives before we choose our OB even though I’ve put a friendly reminder there.  Not sure how heavy-handed I can be about that in the app.

Switching to Game Centre

Well, the Multiplayer Connectivity Framework for iOS doesn’t really work. After travelling to different cities last month, I discovered that the app only works in two-player mode in my house.  It won’t work in a hotel and the Bluetooth connection was spotty at best.

So, I’m going to switch it over to GameKit.  Ugh.